Recreational Football

Women’s Recreational Football In Reigate

Reigate Women FC is entirely founded on the basis that football should be fun and inclusive. Our mission is grow the participation of women’s football in Surrey and inspire women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to fall in love with the beautiful game.

Our recreational football sessions are all about having a laugh, playing some football, meeting new friends and getting active. Our sessions are totally inclusive and NO PREVIOUS FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED as our experienced coaching team tailor each session for YOU!

Recreational football is growing and our community of women are actually the best group you’ll ever meet. We have some players that have played at quite a high level and some that are absolute beginners and guess what? It doesn’t matter because we’re all there to learn, socialise and enjoy ourselves!

We do play in recreational tournaments and a variety of friendly mini leagues and we welcome our players to get involved in these events although they are not compulsory.

If you want to get involved don’t overthink it! We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch, just pop along and give it a try. Your first is session is 100% FREE and fun is GUARANTEED.